About Pharus design studios

Pharus Design Studios (pronounced “Fair-us”) is a subsidiary of Pharus Innovative Enterprises LLC officially established on April 1, 2006. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Pharus is a visual communications business that manages all forms of design and marketing media ranging from business cards and printing to modern marketing e-Commerce solutions. Pharus stands for the lighthouse, a beacon for service, solutions, and innovation. It is dedicated to the pursuit of maintaining and providing “the look of quality.” Utilizing suppliers and print companies who have been in business for over 48 years, Pharus is the apex of innovation, quality, class and opportunity. We understand that first impressions count. This is true for all businesses, from small companies to macro corporations. Image alone can make or break your business. That is why we take care of your company’s image development, saving you both time and money, and allowing you to focus on providing quality customer service and/or products to your clients.

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